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The Sprint to Hyper Reality Future for Fashion

iCleopatra (R) is a CG rendering software that fits a 3D high-resolution wireframe outfit to a human body to visualize it into a digital environment from any device.

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Better for eCommerce, Better for Consumers

Imagine trying on your favorite dress in the comfort of your home? Using the latest technology, iCleopatra (R) aims to revolutionize the fashion and beauty industry by making it easy for consumers to try before you buy.

A virtual fitting room for the future.

Innovation-Driven Solutions for Fashion Industry

iCleopatra (R) is a beauty and fashion try on augmented reality app for online shoppers that allows them to try on clothes, accessories and makeup before they buy enabling them to make few returns, fall in love with their purchases and shop online with confidence.

Augmented Reality
User Shopping Experience


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Preseed Season; Incubate MVP

Finalize business and  ownership structure, finding cofounders and professional advisors, in tandem with business planning. Define and create MInimum Viable Product (MVP).




Establish a customer base and market presence; track and conserve cash flow.  Confirm Product-Market Fit (PMF) in conjunction with an accelerator hub.

The Future of Shopping

Many people continue to adapt to online shopping as a normal practice in everyday life. 
Consumers spent $791.70 billion online with U.S. merchants in 2020, up an incredible 32.4% year over year, according to U.S. Department of Commerce figures. That’s the highest annual U.S. ecommerce growth in at least two decades.


It’s also more than double the 15.1% jump in 2019.
Post-2021, we believe the online shopper will expect an elevated online experience when shopping for their favorite brands.

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AR-Powered Virtual Fitting Room

iCleopatra (R) gives customers an easy shopping experience no matter the device they are using, spending less time travelling, scheduling returns, being disappointed with low quality purchases.

Next Generation Technologies

The mission of iCleopatra (R) is to provide a personalized hyper-reality digital way to shop with confidence.

Campbell Digitial Technologies Group

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